Former WWE Wrestler, Super Crazy, Wont Sign With CMLL or AAA

Super Crazy is best known for his work in World Wrestling Entertainment. However he’s had success all around the world, working for companies such as CMLL, AAA, NOAH, and many more.

World famous luchador, Super Crazy, was honored by the local government of Hidalgo for his success internationally. He says that he’s had a great career but he still has lots of years left in him. Also he loves working independently because it allows him to work wherever and for whoever he wants to.

Super Crazy has received several offers from Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre and Asistencia Asesoría y Administración but has turned both companies down because being tied to a contract would severely limit his ability to work outside of Mexico. He doesn’t particularly enjoy leaving Mexico but he has to do what’s financially right for himself. Crazy also states that he’s been working on his English so he can work more regularly in the United States to go along with his steady work in Japan for companies such as Pro-Wrestling NOAH.

I wouldn’t expect to see Super Crazy in CMLL, AAA, or any major promotion around the world, on a permanent bases.


AAA News: La Sociedad is over, Konnan Out and Octagon Jr.

During the last television tapping in Hidalgo on February 3. La Sociedad which was one of the larger stables in AAA included Legion Extranjera, La Milcia, Los Maniacos/La Manarquia, Perros Del Mal and Consejo has broken up. AAA has fired Konnan and Dorian Roldan after nearly three years at running rough shod over AAA with the La Sociedad. It is rumored that Konnan’s departure has linked to his plans to start promoting in the US. I will get into that with another blog post.

The unit situation in AAA is in a holding pattern though it seems the alignments of the smaller groups of La Sociedad will continue. By looking at the next tapping on next Monday, it seems the former Los Maniacos are still aligned with El Consejo (as Ultimo Gladiador will team with Argos) and Daga is teaming with fellow Perros Halloween and Psicosis (the original NOT the one in CMLL) against Drago, Fenix and Joe Lider. Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., Texano Jr. and Toscano defend their AAA Trios titles against the Psycho Circus, Legion Extranjera members Chessman and La Parka Negra (the third wrestler in AAA to copy the look of L.A. Park in you include La Parka and La Parkita) take on El Mesias and La Park.

The other big news in AAA is that Octagon Jr. (Samuray Del Sol in America) missed the tapping La Sociedad ended. This makes the third show he has not been on since Guerra de Titanes when his rival Pentagon Jr. debuted. To be fair the first two the December 21st Acapulco taping he was not set to be on the show at all and for the January 18th Toluca taping he was working the Calgary show Konnan was on promoted by Teddy Hart. and was long enough for Drago to be promoted as a replacement. However the latest tapping is a different story.

Last weekend was a WWE tryout weekend at their NXT training facility. Octagon Jr. took part in the tryout along with several American independent workers including Ricky Reyes (former CMLL wrestler in 2003) and others who have no ties to Japan or Mexico. The interesting thing to note here is that Octagon Jr. is a position to be a huge star for AAA. AAA has not bestowed the gimmick the way Octagon Jr. was. Before anyone asks, La Parka is different as L.A. Park left to be full time with WCW and then Promo Azteca in Mexico while the current La Parka was known as La Parka Jr. before having the Jr quietly dropped before the 2003 lawsuit over the name. To me, I like Octagon Jr. and hope he gets a WWE job, BUT I wish he would not leave AAA the minute they put a big name in AAA’s history on him and he leaves before AAA could do much with him. Now I know, Mexico is not doing as good as America is but AAA is one of the big two in Mexico and known for black balling wrestlers who depart for several years.

Update: on the MLW podcast Konnan said that Octagon Jr. did not go to the tryout. He was double booked and will soon be doing less bookings as he will be based out of Mexico City rather than Chicago like he is right now.

Kazuchika Okada Contract Status

Not WWE bound, looking to regain the IWGP Heavyweight Title

Rumors have circulated that former IWGP World Champion Kazuchika Okada is headed to World Wrestling Entertainment. As much as I would like to see this so we can watch some dream matches like Okada-Punk, Okada-Ziggler and Okada-Bryan, this is not true. Okada is contracted with New Japan Pro Wrestling up through December 31  of next year. Okada when asked about the rumor, Okada stated that he is looking to regain the IWGP Heavyweight title. Here’s to more Okada-Tanahashi epics.


WWE’s Sin Cara Goes To Mexico, Comments On CMLL Talent

Former CMLL wrestler and orginal Mistico, WWE’s Sin Cara traveled to Mexico last weekend to participate in the grand opening of a gym. The gym plans to open a wrestling school in March, where Sin Cara’s (real life, non-kayfabe) father, Dr. Karonte will be one of the maestros.

Sin Cara also shot down rumors that he’s leaving the World Wrestling Entertainment next month by saying he’s very happy in WWE and being mentored by Rey Mysterio Jr. is like a dream for him. He was also asked what he  thought about Dragon Lee taking over the Mistico gimmick in CMLL; he said he likes Dragon Lee and his brother Rush. However he hopes the gimmick doesn’t hurt Dragon Lee in the long run because it’s tough to live up too.