Quick Lucha Update: Short Stories

1.) Mexican born MMA fighter, Erik “Goyito” Perez, will accompany his childhood hero, Octagon, at TripleMania 21 this Sunday (June-16-2013).

2.) It’s been announced that after 3 months hiatus, Super Luchas magazine will be returning soon.


3.) Parka Negra and Super Negra ater leaving the show in Nuevo Laredo on Monday. Both men were shaken up but neither were hurt.


Hijo del Santo Not Allowing His Son To Use The Family Name

Hijo & Nieto

Nieto del Santo (Tempestad) and his father Hijo del Santo

After Hijo del Santo accompanied  his son Nieto del Santo to Japan, where he’ll be working for Pro-Wrestling NOAH, he returned with news. Nieto will not be using the family name; he will wrestle under the name Tempestad, as well as wearing a black version of the famous Santo mask. Hijo del Santo believes his 16 year old son isn’t ready to carry the responsibility of the Santo name just yet. NOAH wasn’t too thrilled about the decision but they understand.

Nieto del Santo also won’t be making his debut in Mexico anytime soon, as he will be venturing to New Zealand after his time in Japan is over.

AAA Posts Rey de Reyes 2013 On YouTube

Asistencia Asesoría y Administración has released their annual Rey de Reyes show, for 2013, on YouTube; the show took place on March 17th in Monterrey, Nuevo León at Plaza de Toros Monumental. Rey de Reyes is one of AAA biggest shows of the year. The importance of the show is proportionate to the importance of WWE’s SummerSlam PPV.



AAA Rey de Reyes Results and

AAA held their annual Rey de Reyes  on March 17 out of Plaza de Toros in Monterrey, Mexico.

In the finals of the AAA Fusion title tournament Fenix defeated AAA Cruiserweight champion Juventud Guerrera, Daga and the returning Crazy Boy to become the first AAA Fusion champion.

Sexi Star vacated the Reina de Reinas title last month leading to four qualifying matches leading to a fatal four-way that was held at Rey de Reyes. Fabi Apache beat Mari Apache, Taya Walkyrie and LuFisto to win the fatal four-way and start her second Reina de Reinas title reign.

Texano Jr. successfully defended the AAA title over Blue Demon Jr. Blue Demon Jr. later mad a mask vs. hair challenge for TripleMania. (If this happens color me shocked.)

El Mesias beat Canek and LA Park to win Rey de Reyes. Earlier in the show El Mesias out lasted Heavy Metal, La Parka, Parka Negra, Octagon and Pentagon Jr. to enter the finals while LA Park beat Jack Evans, Villano IV, Psicois, Drago and Chessmans and Canek beat Perro Aguayo Jr., Cibernetico, Electroshock, Silver King & Toscano to enter the finals.

Elsewhere on the show Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker & Soul Rocker beat Monster Clown, Murder Clown and Psycho Clown in a six-man tag match. The AAA Trios titles were not on the line.

AAA Luchadors Getting Health Insurance


Due to professional wrestling being such a high risk sport it’s very difficult to find a company to give an insurance professional wrestlers. Asistencia Asesoría y Administración joins the network of free medical services for the Federal District in supporting both the fighter and their families.

This Friday at AAA offices several wrestlers gathered for such registration accompanied by their relatives. The meeting was also attended by President of the Commission of the City Wrestling, The Phantom. Some of the wrestlers who were there are La Parka, Faby Apache, Drago, Dynasty, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown, The Apache, Psicosis, Atomic Boy, Silver King, Jennifer Blake, Taya, “tufts” Salazar, Lolita, Cynthia Moreno , Phoenix, among others.

“It’s hard to find someone to give you insurance for the high impact activity we do. That is why we appreciate that insurance will give us, I was the first to arrive and therefore was the first registered. I’m glad because if it is sometimes difficult to find someone treats us, but we thank AAA and Wrestling Commission City to give ease to affiliate directly at the desk.” -Faby Apache, after being the first fighter affiliate Triple A.

Dr. Wagner Says He Wants Out of AAA

The often controversial Dr. Wagner Jr. wants to leave AAA (again.) Rather than showing up at a CMLL show that his son was on in 2010, this time he made a comment on a La WagnerMania (a lucha fan site) and says that he wants to go home (one would assume CMLL.) Wagner claims that he is being held to AAA due to his contract going into 2014. Dorian Roldan (the owner of AAA) responded by stating that while Dr. Wagner Jr. cannot leave for CMLL and will not be used until Wagner admits he is still under contract. As of right now, CMLL claims they don’t want him.


Wagner could jump to CMLL if he walks away from the deal. By walking away, Wagner will likely face a lawsuit with AAA. Though a lawsuit has not blocked wrestlers going to CMLL rather than staying out of the light like a wrestler would in America. Los Invasores faced lawsuits when they first jumped to CMLL but the issues never affected them jumping. Just the names except for Psicosis as there is the second Psicosis in CMLL and the original Psicosis took back his name and the mask after getting a fireball in the face during feud last year.

This is at least the second time Wagner has teased a jump. During the height of the CMLL Invasores angle in 2010, Wagner teased a jump to CMLL by saving his son Hijo de Dr. Wagner from an attack after his match. At the time, Wagner Jr. was the AAA champion and claimed to several reporters he was jumping to CMLL. However he ended up not departing AAA and the issue would eventually become swept up as a simple rub to his son.

As more news comes out on Wagner’s contract status, we will bring it to you.