Kobashi Retirement Date Set for Final Burning on May 11

Kenta Kobashi held a special press conference at the Pro Wrestling NOAH office. The topic of the meeting was his long talked about retirement match which will be held on May 11th at Budokan Hall. The show is titled Final Burning will be a joint production between Kobashi and NOAH. That is not a un-common situation as Dragon Gate has had shows with Masaaki Mochizuki’s Byuden shows, Stalker Bom Ba Ye and¬†the unit affiliated shows with ¬†Muscle Outlaws, Warriors, World-1 and Blood Warriors shows as well as other promotions doing this with their talent. which was brought up a in December when Kobashi’s contract was not renewed causing Atsushi Aoki, Go Shiozaki, Jun Akiyama, Kotaro Suzuki and Yoshinobu Kanemaru to all leave NOAH.

Before the press conference, there were talks of a show in February. The issue is that Kobashi needs a few more months to prepare for the match. Kobashi will need three more months to prepare for the match so it will be in May. There is no other wrestlers for the show even Kobashi’s opponent confirmed for the show other than Kobashi.