CMLL To Rent Out Their Ring Girls


Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre annonced that they will begin to hire out their 16 edecanes (ring girls). They’ll be hired out as a group called, Chicas Vuelta Vuelta, for jobs such as working for another Lucha Libre company, dancers at concerts, things like that. There are many examples of edecanes leaving the company due to CMLL preventing them from working outside of the promotion. This new, sort of renting, idea may make them want to stay.


Quick Lucha Update: Short Stories

1.) Mexican born MMA fighter, Erik “Goyito” Perez, will accompany his childhood hero, Octagon, at TripleMania 21 this Sunday (June-16-2013).

2.) It’s been announced that after 3 months hiatus, Super Luchas magazine will be returning soon.


3.) Parka Negra and Super Negra ater leaving the show in Nuevo Laredo on Monday. Both men were shaken up but neither were hurt.

Dr. Wagner Says He Wants Out of AAA

The often controversial Dr. Wagner Jr. wants to leave AAA (again.) Rather than showing up at a CMLL show that his son was on in 2010, this time he made a comment on a La WagnerMania (a lucha fan site) and says that he wants to go home (one would assume CMLL.) Wagner claims that he is being held to AAA due to his contract going into 2014. Dorian Roldan (the owner of AAA) responded by stating that while Dr. Wagner Jr. cannot leave for CMLL and will not be used until Wagner admits he is still under contract. As of right now, CMLL claims they don’t want him.


Wagner could jump to CMLL if he walks away from the deal. By walking away, Wagner will likely face a lawsuit with AAA. Though a lawsuit has not blocked wrestlers going to CMLL rather than staying out of the light like a wrestler would in America. Los Invasores faced lawsuits when they first jumped to CMLL but the issues never affected them jumping. Just the names except for Psicosis as there is the second Psicosis in CMLL and the original Psicosis took back his name and the mask after getting a fireball in the face during feud last year.

This is at least the second time Wagner has teased a jump. During the height of the CMLL Invasores angle in 2010, Wagner teased a jump to CMLL by saving his son Hijo de Dr. Wagner from an attack after his match. At the time, Wagner Jr. was the AAA champion and claimed to several reporters he was jumping to CMLL. However he ended up not departing AAA and the issue would eventually become swept up as a simple rub to his son.

As more news comes out on Wagner’s contract status, we will bring it to you.


CMLL Crowns Reyes del Aire 2013 Champion and a Match of Bets Challenge is Accepted

After Thunder’s debut and the the title matches CMLL has some major news come out.

Over the last two weeks on CMLL’s weekly Arena Mexico shows on Friday. To qualify for the finals there were two 16-man torneo ciberneticos where the winner would advance (rather than a single torneo like the last few years where Angel de Oro won the annual tournaments in Arena Mexico in February and Virus won a one-off 12-man tournament in Arena Puebla during October.

On the February 1 Arena Mexico  show; Averno, Delta, Dragon Rojo, Euforia, Hijo del Fantasma, Felino, La Mascara, Mr. Aguila, Namajague, Polvora, Rey Cometa, Sagrado, La Sombra, Stuka Jr., Tiger and Titan would enter the first cibernetico. La Sombra won and would advance to the finals on February 15. On the February 8 Arena Mexico show; Angel de Oro, Diamante, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr., Mascara Dorada, Maximo, Mephisto, Nibela Roja, Psicosis, Puma, Rey Escorpion, Sangre Azteca, Triton, Valiente, Virus and Volador Jr would enter the second. Volador Jr. would win leading to the continuation of the Sombra-Volador feud in the finals to determine the Reyes del Aire for 2013.

Rather than the lightning matches, the finals were held under two out of three falls rules like typical lucha matches. In typical lucha fashion Mephisto and Mije seconded Volador and Mascara seconded Sombra. Sombra won with a double moonsault in fall 1, Volador won with a backcracker in fall 2. Sombra won the third fall with a cradle. After the match, both Volador and Sombra made mask match challenges between the two.

Elsewhere on the February 15 show, Namajague  and Stuka Jr. continued their feud. In recent weeks Stuka has made mask match challenges to Namajgue. Recently Rey Cometa has entered the argument challenging Namajague’s partner Okumura challenging him to a hairs match. Finally after weeks of teasing, Namajague and Okumura accepted the challenges and will likely have a tag team mask and hairs match at CMLL’s yearly Dos Leyendas when CMLL is known for bet matches for their bigger shows.

Former WWE Wrestler, Super Crazy, Wont Sign With CMLL or AAA

Super Crazy is best known for his work in World Wrestling Entertainment. However he’s had success all around the world, working for companies such as CMLL, AAA, NOAH, and many more.

World famous luchador, Super Crazy, was honored by the local government of Hidalgo for his success internationally. He says that he’s had a great career but he still has lots of years left in him. Also he loves working independently because it allows him to work wherever and for whoever he wants to.

Super Crazy has received several offers from Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre and Asistencia Asesoría y Administración but has turned both companies down because being tied to a contract would severely limit his ability to work outside of Mexico. He doesn’t particularly enjoy leaving Mexico but he has to do what’s financially right for himself. Crazy also states that he’s been working on his English so he can work more regularly in the United States to go along with his steady work in Japan for companies such as Pro-Wrestling NOAH.

I wouldn’t expect to see Super Crazy in CMLL, AAA, or any major promotion around the world, on a permanent bases.

CMLL 2/21/13 Press Conference Recap


1.) Dos Leyendas will take place on March 15th at Arena Mexico; The main event being Rey Cometa & Stuka Jr. VS. Namajague & Shigeo Okumura. The losing team will be be unmasked and have their heads shaved. The semifinal will be Estreillita facing Amapola in a hair match.

2.) Rayo de Jalisco Jr. was there, representing his father who’s getting honored on the show, but was confronted by, long time rival, Universo Dos Mil. They brawled then agreed to have a match on the show.

3.) Another match announced will be the finals of the 16-team Torneo Parejas Increibles tournament, which began on March 1st.

4.) Thunder will debut at Arena Mexico on March 29th

5.) Arena Coliseo’s 70th Anniversary Show will be on April 7th

6.) Sexy Star vacated the Reina da Reinas on last Tuesday, which is why they’re holding a tournament

7.) El Luchador, the reality show based around CMLL talent, will start airing MTV Tr3 March 10th. This is the first season.