PCW More Bang For Your Buck (results)

Now sadly i was ment to be going to the show but due to snow cancelling my train to Preston from Scotland i was unable to make the trip and now down £50’s to make matters worse . BUT regardless i still have the results of Fridays show and will talk about the results to the best of my ability .

So the quick results are
The Young Bucks def. Project Lucha (El Ligero and Martin Kirby)

From reports this was a really good opener and a good idea to use the import talent in the opener to get the crowd hyped up .

Joey Hayes def. Andy Wild

Sadly Wild didn’t get over very well with the crowd on this one which is something that has been happening a lot with him as he has a lack of character or personality in the ring . tho he has all the skills in the ring but nothing behind him.

Sean Maxer (aka Shawn Guiness in japans Zero-1 promotion) def. Bubblegum

I heard this was also a great match both men are great in ring and bubblegum is a great little cocky heel which is great .

Dave Mastiff  (Whom replaced Dave Rayne) def. PCW Cruiserweight Champion Noam Dar

Now at the time of this match it was thought that Dave Rayne was in a real life car accident that went to to the point where even Daves own mother thought that Rayne was banged up for real . Since this even it has been found out that it was a work and a damn good one at that .  Noam Dar and Dave Mastiff are fantastic in there different ways as Noam is young , small and agile . and Mastiff is a BIG man thats incredible at what he does .

PCW Tag Team Champions Fight Club (Kid Fite and Liam Thompson) def  The Young Bucks to retain the PCW Tag Team Titles

Well as the title of the show says you got More Bang For Your Buck as the Young Bucks were called out by the (unbooked) PCW Tag Champs and the Bucks were in their 2nd match of the night .

Carmel Jacobs def . Mad Man Manson in an inter-gender match

Carmel is one of the best woman’s wrestlers in the UK her seemingly never ending feud with Kay Lee Ray is one of the best feuds i ve ever seen. and Mad Man Manson is a great comedy wrestler where pretty much his gimmick is how he pretty much explains the match as it goes along . example : in a match with Bubblegum Manson turned the ref as they climbed out of the ring and shouted “Ref dont count we going to do uninspired comedy brawling”.
T-Bone Def. PCW Heavyweight Champion Kris Travis to Regain the PCW Heavyweight title .

Now . Hearing how this match ended (with T-Bone literally hanging Travis from the side of a stair case to the point the ref needed to call for the bell) . However the booking of Travis title reign hasn’t been the best as hes had the belt for around 6 months and pretty much lost almost every match he was in other than 1 title match against T-Bone in a No DQ match and Travis non title match with Chris Masters . Hearing this was a brutal match which figured considering the end of the match i just mentioned .

Hopefully this title change means some new challengers for the belt as Kris and T-Bone have pretty much had an on and off feud since Travis won the title .

Hopefully i dont experience travel issues in the future as next month PCW presents a 2 day tournament Featuring Brian Kendrick , Paul London and Super Crazy . Something i certainly don’t want to miss and my reviews wont be so basic next time round when im there in person.