AAA Announces Brand Split

After months of talking on the MLW Radio Podcast and a recent announcement by AAA to work with FactoryMade Ventures to expand AAA’s America prescience  it finally looks like AAA will tour America. While dates have not announced, at Rey de Reyes it was announced AAA would have a brand split coming.

AAA Fusion will be run Joaquin Roldin and Dorian will run AAA Evolucion. Evolucion is RUMORED to be the American brand. On the March 14 MLW Radio Podcast, Konnan talks about the eventual plans to have a new AAA show on El Rey, a bi-lingual hispanic television station to come to American airwaves in 2014. This will likely be the home of Evolucion though details are sketchy at the moment.

The only name that has been truly passed around through the pipeline is El Mesias (mainly cause Konnan mentioned that he is a Puerto Rican citizen and will not need a passport the same way say Cibernetico would as well as him being bi-lingual.) Others that could be assumed are Teddy Hart, Jack Evans and Octagon Jr. (if he does not goto WWE anytime soon) without looking at Mexican talents who have passports and are in good standing.

It will be interesting to see how AAA Evolucion shapes up. I do not see AAA Fusion being much different than how it is currently except for a few wrestlers not being used as they are in America now. As news comes out, we will keep up with it.


AAA Rey de Reyes Results and

AAA held their annual Rey de Reyes  on March 17 out of Plaza de Toros in Monterrey, Mexico.

In the finals of the AAA Fusion title tournament Fenix defeated AAA Cruiserweight champion Juventud Guerrera, Daga and the returning Crazy Boy to become the first AAA Fusion champion.

Sexi Star vacated the Reina de Reinas title last month leading to four qualifying matches leading to a fatal four-way that was held at Rey de Reyes. Fabi Apache beat Mari Apache, Taya Walkyrie and LuFisto to win the fatal four-way and start her second Reina de Reinas title reign.

Texano Jr. successfully defended the AAA title over Blue Demon Jr. Blue Demon Jr. later mad a mask vs. hair challenge for TripleMania. (If this happens color me shocked.)

El Mesias beat Canek and LA Park to win Rey de Reyes. Earlier in the show El Mesias out lasted Heavy Metal, La Parka, Parka Negra, Octagon and Pentagon Jr. to enter the finals while LA Park beat Jack Evans, Villano IV, Psicois, Drago and Chessmans and Canek beat Perro Aguayo Jr., Cibernetico, Electroshock, Silver King & Toscano to enter the finals.

Elsewhere on the show Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker & Soul Rocker beat Monster Clown, Murder Clown and Psycho Clown in a six-man tag match. The AAA Trios titles were not on the line.

Lucha Libre USA 2013 Tour

Lucha Libre USA is a promotion that runs lucha libre shows in America. In 2009 they worked together with AAA to bring a two show tour to California and Las Vegas however the two promotions would not work together. In summer 2010, Lucha Libre USA debuted the somewhat successful Masked Warriors program on MTV2  airing 7 shows in 2010 as a part of season 2 before airing 4 more in 2011. If you want to watch these they are available on Hulu (you do not even need to have a plus account to access these episodes.)

After scrapping the tv show for 2012, Lucha Libre USA ran a tour in 2012. After weeks of rumors sparked by sponsor Dr. Pepper 10, Lucha Libre USA will continue their second year of running tours. The touring group for the show includes Blue Demon Jr., RJ Brewer (John Walters to you early Ring of Honor fans), Lizmark Jr., Jon Rekon (Strong Man), Stevie Richards, Psicosis (the CMLL one), Mr. Aguila, El Hijo Del Fantasma, Super Crazy, Super Nova, Pequeno Halloween, Mascara Purpura, Solar, Melina, Hurricane Helms and more include RCW wrestlers for some shows.

The dates of the show have been announced with only the Phoenix show naming a venue, the Grand Canyon University Arena.

04/12: San Jose, Ca
04/14: Los Angeles, CA
04/19: Houston, TX
04/21: Phoenix, AZ
04/26: Austin, TX
04/27: Laredo, TX
04/28: San Antonio, TX
05/03: Chicago, IL
05/05: Dallas, TX

Interesting to note that Marco Corelone and Rocky Romero who have been fixtures of Lucha Libre USA are not a part of the tour. Marco wrestles for CMLL but so does Psicosis, Aguila and Fantasma. Rocky Romero has since become a regular for New Japan Pro Wrestling so perhaps that is why he is not going to wrestle for Lucha Libre USA this time around.